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Made right here in Australia, these Easels is manufactured to purpose, not to a budget.  This means we are confident that they meets the demands and needs of the Early Learning Industry. It features

    • Paper backing board 80cm x 60cm (Perspex, PVC or plywood)
    • A2 size paper (cut sheets or roll)
    • Fully adjustable angle 0 to 27degress (Art Centre)
    • Fully adjustable height from 130cm to 92cm (top of paper portrait orientation)
    • Movable with soft rubber brake castors (Art Centre)
    • Lower shelf for additional paper or art materials (Art Centre)
    • Upper paint shelf  for paint pots or drawing items (movable up and down or removable)
    • Removable paper roll holder (Art Centre)
    • Landscape or portrait paper orientation
    • Easy to clean removable paper backing board
    • Folds for easy storage
    • Paper fastening device for holding paper securely (no more fiddly pegs, blue-tack or masking tape to secure paper)
    • Lower shelf counter weight fall protection safety device (Art Centre)
    • Use white board or liquid chalk markers straight on Perspex backing board and wipe clean
    • Use back side of Perspex backing board to trace images

These Easels are truly sustainable – sustainable to the Environment and the Australian Economy.

Sustainable to the Environment as it’s not just manufactured from a  “renewable material” but from solid Timber that has been finished in a clear lacquer and uses durable steel hardware.  We are so confident, we are stamping it with our 5 year guarantee*.

Sustainable to the Australian Economy because they it is made using Australian hardwood,  Harvested in Australia, Manufactured In Australia, Shipped in Australia, and Distributed in Australia by an Australian Family Owned and Operated business.  This means all profits from this product are reinvested back into the Australian Economy which is a sustainable economy for future generations.

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