Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes

$43.20 ex. GST

Biodegradable bamboo wipe, good for baby and the environment


Suppleyes now proudly offers Luvme Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes, adding to it’s sustainable range of cleaning and washroom products for childcare.  Suppleyes is always on the hunt to bring you sustainable, cost effective alternatives to traditional products so you can adapt your center to 21st century living. At just $2.40+GST per packet, it makes being sustainable affordable in your daycare.

How are Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes sustainable?

Bamboo is highly absorbent, absorbing up to three times its weight in water, clearly distinguishing it. It’s is naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin. Bamboo fibre is naturally smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning there are no sharp spurs or harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin.  Bamboo is an environmentally friendly resource that grows incredibly rapidly and, unlike cotton, thrives without the use of harmful chemical pesticides.  Bamboo does not require large amounts of water and will grow in dry Australian conditions. It regenerates naturally, does not need replanting, has excellent soil retention properties and helps to prevent soil erosion.  Bamboo fabric can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganisms and sunlight. The decomposition process does not cause any pollution in the environment.

Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes

  • Size – 20cm x 16cm
  • 80 Wet Wipes in a Pack
  • Biodegradable & Compostable
  • Naturally Moistened with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • Preservative, Fragrance & Alchohol FREE
  • Pure 100% BAMBOO
  • Super Soft yet extremely STRONG
  • Extremely Well Moistened
  • Easy to open and close lid keeping them moist
    • 100% Bamboo fibre spunlace non-woven fabric
    • Purified Water
    • Aloe
    • Vitamin E
    • Vegetable Glycerin
    • Gentle MILD Preservatives – Citric Extract (fruit based)
    • polyaminopropyl & decyl glucocide (plant based)



Additional information

Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 53 x 23 x 17.5 cm


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