Butchers Paper

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Precut 51 x 76cm paper

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Butchers paper or Newsprint are great to use in early childcare or before and after school care for children to draw or pain on. Drawings or paintings which are not required to last long or to be put on exhibitions can be made on this Butchers paper. This paper can also be used for brainstorming of ideas in other classes by using markers or crayons. It is great for packing and use as drop sheets, masking paper, wrapping, protecting items, moving house etc. It can be used as a fun and affordable table covering for dinner nights. This paper will boost your guests’ dining experience by allowing their kids to colour or draw right on the table. Once the meal is done, you can simply throw the papers away! The versatile Butchers paper pack contains 250 sheets and each sheet measures 58.5 x 41.5cm and is 44gsm.

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