Porcelain Markers – Pastel

$39.95 ex. GST


5 pack of assorted water-based felt tip Porcelain Markers Pastel coloured from Hobby line. These Pastel porcelain markers come in soft soothing shades of Light blue, Lavender, Pink, Light green and Black. The markers have a shaped firm tip which is easy to use for painting on glass, ceramics, metals or porcelain material. Due to Porcelain Markers it’s easy to decorate & color your porcelain crockery. You can also paint your kitchen ware with these fashionable pastel porcelain markers. Let the paint dry for 4 hours, and then cure the crockery at 160°C for over 90 minutes. After curing these painted porcelain ware are 100% dishwasher safe.

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