Small Iron on Bead Boards

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Fine motor skill craft activities for Kindergarten+

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These small iron on bead boards help children in creating unique designs with different coloured iron on beads. Children can make patterns, images or write their initials and produce a wonderful work of art which they proudly display. They will enjoy creating different design on the bead board. It will be exciting for them to see how their design is transformed into a solid flexible shape which they can play with or use as a display. All you need to do is, warm a household iron to high, and ensure that the steam is off. Take an ironing paper and place it over the pattern. See the beads fuse into a colourful and flexible shape along with the bead board. Children should conduct this exercise under adult supervision. These small iron on bead boards are very easy to use and are a fun and learning activity for the children. They can use these bead boards to create special Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Birthday gifts which will last a lifetime. This small iron on beads board packet includes 12 boards.

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Dimensions 15 × 3 × 15 cm


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