Forest Tas Oak Bench Seat

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Forest Tas Oak Bench Seat


Our Forest Tas Oak Bench Seat is from our exclusive Forest & Earth range. Functional and stylish, our Tasmanian Oak Bench Seat is made from solid Tasmanian Oak. This ensures a strong and sturdy seat that will last years, but light weight enough for educators to move around with ease.  With cascading waterfall sides, and enough room for 2-3 children to sit comfortably side by side, our Tasmanian Oak Bench Seat is strong enough for educators to sit on, making it a functional furniture piece for the children and educators.  Our Forest Tas Oak Bench Seat can be placed under a table when not in use, or can become a handy side table giving it multi-purpose. Finished in a clear quality water based lacquer, this stunning furniture is suited for indoor use and is a great way to encourage social eating.


Length: 85 cm
Width: 26 cm

  • Toddler – 20 cm
  • Junior – 26cm
  • Pre-School 32cm

The appropriate space for ergonomic positioning is approximately 20 cm from the seat to the table.  The Suppleyes Forest & Earth table range are manufactured to suit our bench sets and chairs.

Manufacture, Assembly & Warranty

Our Bench Seats are manufactured fully assembled to ensures structural integrity and provides the convenience of not having to assemble it.  The Forest & Earth range is Image result for 5 year warranty image greenmanufactured to order, so please contact us or place an order online and we’ll get in touch with your production date. We are so confident that our Tasmanian Oak Bench Set’s built from quality materials and quality workmanship, we’re backing the range with a 5 year workmanship warranty.

Is your current furniture Sustainable?

After servicing the early learning sector for 4 years, Suppleyes discovered the industry’s discontent with many resources. Services are trying hard to achieve the NQF requirements of being “sustainable”, and purchase wooden products with the desire be more sustainable. The unfortunate truth is that most resources are not built for commercial use therefore easily break. These products are certainly made from a “renewable materials”, but when the materials used are inappropriate for the purpose, put together with poor quality fittings and are poorly manufactured, they break and end in landfill. This creates an unsustainable cycle of falling trees for furniture that has no longevity which  is not environmentally sustainable.

When considering the sustainability of a product, there are other variables beside the materials that should be considered too. Such as:

The carbon footprint

Most of the preschool furniture distributed in Australian are made of timber grown in the Northern hemisphere. This timber generally travels to Asia, Europe or America to be cut into flat-packed furniture. Domestic quality fittings are included and the complete product is shipped to Australia. That product can then be shipped from the importer, to the wholesaler before finally coming to your service.  This creates a huge carbon footprint as the product almost literally travels from one end of the earth to the other.

Economic Benefit

Using the same above scenario; when a foreign owned company distributes the product made from international timbers, that’s manufactured offshore and shipped to Australia for distribution, the only Economical benefit to Australia comes from wages and company taxes from the distributor. However when a product is manufactured in Australia, with Australian materials and distributed by an Australian owned business, wages, company taxes and profits, from all these phases benefit the Australian economy and build a more sustainable economy for Australians today and in the future.

Why Forest & Earth?

For furniture in an education setting to be truly sustainable, consideration needs to be given to the materials, the design, the fittings and the manufacture.  This will ensure the furniture can withstand the rigors of many children and educators using it every day.

Our Indoor Forest & Earth range has been manufactured using Australian Tasmanian Oak.  Not only is Tasmanian Oak a Forestry Certified timber that is renewable, timber stores carbon for the lifetime of the product which is good for the environment. When designing the Forest & Earth range, we selected commercial quality fittings and in some cases had our own steel fittings manufactured to ensure the structural integrity of the furniture. The manufacturing process is completed by a team of industry professional right here in Australia.

Suppleyes Forest & Earth range is truly Sustainable – sustainable to the environment and to the Australian economy. This is  because the materials, design and fittings are all produce for commercial use.  We use Forestry Certified Australian Timber – Harvested in Australia. We use quality Australian steel fittings Manufactured in Australia The products have been Designed and Manufactured In Australia. Almost all the raw materials are only Transported in Australia. The finished product is Shipped in Australia, and Distributed in Australia by an Australian Family Owned and Operated business.  This means all wages, taxes and profits from each stage of this product are reinvested back into the Australian economy which is a sustainable to the environment and the economy for future generations.


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