Indigenous Mat – Water Dreaming

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Multicultural and Indigenous Recycled, Sustainable Mat

This mat is called “Water Dreaming” and was designed by Dean Jakamara Briscoe who spent most of his life out bush with his family in Aboriginal communities north west of Alice Springs.

The versatility, light weight and durability of our recycled polypropylene outdoor play mats are only enhanced by how easy they are to keep clean.  Dirt and food spills need no longer be a problem in any child care centre, school or home.  Simply vacuum up the offending spills, give the play mats a quick wash over with soapy water, then toss them over the line or fence to dry.  Easy!

Please also note that although these floor and play mats are wonderful to use outside, we do not suggest that are left outside in direct and permanent sun and rain full time due to high UV exposure, we also suggest that if purchasing a medium or large mat that when in storage ensure they are clean, dry and folded along the seams.

Measuring 1.8 x 1.8m


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