BIG Maxi Digger and Truck Comb

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BIG Maxi Digger and Truck Combo

Complete your sandpit with the BIG Maxi Digger and Truck Combo.  Children can work as a team to dig the sand and the other to transport to the final destination.   The BIG Maxi Digger has a large 360 degree rotating seat that can handle up to 50kg and an arm that moves in all directions. The BIG Maxi Truck’s, expansive loading area holds up to 4.2, litres and can be loaded with material weighing up to 25 kg. A locking mechanism prevents the bed from tilting backwards while on the move and losing any of the valuable load. Once the vehicle has arrived at the play construction site, the load can be unloaded by tilting the bed.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the creators of BIG are renowned for their exceptional  quality and design.  In-fact they are so confident, they offer a 3 year warranty on all BIG products.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 45 cm


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