Oates Contractor Mop Heads

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Oates Contractor Mop Heads

Oates Contractor Mop Heads have an unique synthetic blend yarn for ultimate absorbency and cleaning performance.  It’s it unsurpassed durability makes it ideal for all heavy duty commercial cleaning jobs.  The Mop Heads come in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow to enable your childcare centre to use the generally accepted cleaning code where

Blue = General Cleaning

Green = Kitchen Cleaning

Red = Toilet & Bathroom Cleaning

Yellow = Infection Control

Using this system will reduce the risk of cross contamination and can be applied to all mop heads, handles, buckets and cleaning cloths. Download our FREE colour-coded-cleaning-system to use in your centre.

Oates Contractor Mop Heads 400gm are ideal for childcare centres where heavy or frequent cleaning is required.

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